Mark your calendars! — The Sandpoint Radius Film Festival is happening on: June 26-27, 2020. — Submit your film here!

Tickets can be purchased through June 21 using the red “Get Tickets” button in the upper-right corner (bottom of page for mobile devices) and tickets will also be available at the Little Theater on June 22 and at the Panida Theater on June 23. **Please note: Tickets purchased at the door are “cash only.”**

The Festival Lounge will be located at The Panida’s Little Theater. No host drinks, snacks and food will be available there for festival ticket holders. The Festival Lounge will be open for the welcome reception and break times between film blocks and for the after-party.

Film Block #1 – 1PM

The Labyrinth

Narrative (4:59): Not in competition
From: Sandpoint, ID

Description: An homage to David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. The Director Adam Kesher and The Cowboy have another encounter as Adam seeks guidance from this western enigma. Loosely based on a few of the characters from Mulholland Drive.

The Little Things

Documentary (6:05)
Director: Evan Hoff
From: Spokane, WA

Description: The Little Things is a nonfiction documentary story about the struggle of life as a victim of ASL. This film explores how Jenny fights ALS and how it has changed her view on life.

Danger Dank

Music Video (6:12)
Director: Jason Farris
From: Tacoma, WA

Description: Follow this unbelievable tale through the looking glass of time as our loveable loser is unwittingly transported to the Dreaded Dimension and is swept up in a thrilling adventure spanning the galaxy

Russell Jim, A Quiet Warrior

Documentary (20:00)
Director: Jeanne Givens
From: Coeur d’Alene, ID

Description: Yakima tribal leader Russell Jim has been waging a decades long battle to clean up the unclear contamination from Hanford Nuclear Site. The nuclear waste is a threat to air and water quality, fisheries, overall health of the region and its citizens. The Yakima Nation chose Russell Jim to engage with the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection agency and clean up contractors. New Film maker Jeanne Givens, a Coeur d’Alene Tribal member focuses on Mr. Jim’s tribal biography that easily lends itself to a new and unique tribal approach to saving the environment for his tribe and future generations.


Narrative (6:08)
Director: Adam Al-Ghosien
From: Arlington, WA

Description: When Lisa can’t find her favorite spoon, she suspects her brother Andrew to be involved.


Narative (4:00): Not in competition
From: Sandpoint, ID

Description: Edgar, based on a true story, explores how we deal with the death of a family member. And whiskey.


Mockumentary (24:00)
Dirctor: Dave Kotlan
From: Spokane, WA

Description: After seven successful seasons, the reality game show CastAside has upped the game by digging deep into the reject pile of contestants. Plucked from his home and placed in the middle of nowhere with only a few choice items, Marion must correctly identify where in the world he is… and try to survive all alone. …or so he thinks.

Film Block #2 – 4PM

Mr. Dark Field of Screams

Narrative (6:01)
Director: Jesse Hennessy
From: Spokane, WA

Description: Frost and Riley (super secret ghost hunting demon slaying agents of the night) investigate a farmstead and discover some strange things are happening to the country folk who reside there.

Hobo & The Businessman

Narrative (25:04): Not in competition
From: Sandpoint, ID

Description: A down and out Dad struggling through his losses discovers his notion of living may not be the only way to live.


Documentary (12:08)
Director: John Risky Boltz
From: Post Falls, ID

Description: Daniel is a homeless man who currently lives on the streets on Coeur d’Alene Idaho. He gained the attention of John Risky Boltz, when John started hearing stories about a homeless man giving people hundreds of dollars. The documentary is a character study. ** Warning: Contains explicit language. **

The Grain Elevator Experience

Documentary (7:29): Not in competition
From: Sandpoint, ID

Description: The CO-OP Grain Elevator was built in 1943 and has been a fixture in town for almost 75 years. Not only is it the tallest building in town, but it is Sandpoint’s last remaining grain elevator. The loss of the grain elevators from small towns is now often considered a great change in their identity, which is why there are ongoing efforts to preserve so many of these heritage structures across the United States.

Art Rocks

Documentary (9:58)
Director: Katie Nesbitt
From: Clarkston, WA

Description: A look at the new hobby sweeping the nation, painted rocks. From young to old, rich to poor, this hobby is bringing together those who have little to nothing in common. Rock painting groups are popping up in communities across the country, and bringing people together everyday. Learn how painting, hiding, and finding rocks is positively impacting communities and the people in them.

Your Possible Pasts

Narrative (3:46): Not in competition
From: Sandpoint, ID

Description: Your Possible Pasts – A One-Take Short Film/Tone Poem. They flutter behind you your possible pasts, some bright eyed and crazy, some frightened and lost. A warning to anyone still in command of their possible future to take care.

Film Block #3 – 7PM

Hello John

Narrative (5:49)
Director: Caden Butera
From: Coeur d’Alene, ID

Description: What if you were to wake up in a perfect world, where everyone on earth is your friend, and a pleasant atmosphere is shoved in your face? Would that be heaven? Or Hell.

Canuck & I

Documentary (18:38)
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Tomlin-Hood
From: Vancouver BC, Canada

Description: Canuck and I is a documentary about the special relationship between a human and a Wild Crow in Vancouver BC Canada. Canuck the Crow’s antics have garnered world wide attention.

Seeking Totality

Narrative (5:05): Not in competition
From: Sandpoint, ID

Description: Two brothers take a road trip in hopes of reconnecting to a friendship they had as boys.

Pie and Whiskey

Narrative (11:33)
Director: Chase Ogden
From: Cheney, WA

Description: Donnie takes an honest look at his deteriorating relationship with Connie while baking a delicious apple berry pie. “Pie and Whiskey” is a short film about love and loss, longing and desperation with ample supply of booze and baked goods.

Angel and the Bear

Narrative, Musical (6:12)
Director: Dave Kotlan
From: Spokane, WA

Description: Angel comes into the coffee shop everyday, not just for a cup of joe, but to flirt with the handsome barista. Unfortunately, the barista has a bit of an issue with shyness. Hiding behind a mask, he discovers a way to be himself; charming, funny, and eloquent. Mentored by his blunt talking co-worker, the barista must find the courage to strip away the mask and be himself, for Angel’s sake.

Dive Within

Experimental (4:10): Not in competition
From: Sandpoint, ID

Description: In this esoteric short experimental film what seems like an obstacle to one can often be a source of massive growth and understanding for another. Not that things are ever easy, as dark places can be hard to approach. You can change what your experiences will “look and feel like” by traveling inward to look at life’s reflection in the great reservoir of the heart. However, it is important to discover the Well before you are thirsty. Open your mind and enjoy the visuals.


Narrative (13:42)
Directors: Andrew & Nate Garcia
From: Nampa, ID

Description: Two quarreling brothers set out on an adventure in their neighborhood and discover what it means to be a hero.