Mark your calendars! — The Sandpoint Radius Film Festival is happening on: June 26-27, 2020. — Submit your film here!

Tickets can be purchased online through June 28 using the “Buy Tickets” button in the upper-right corner (bottom of page for mobile devices). Tickets can also be purchased at the door (cash only) at the Little Theater on June 28 and at the Panida Theater on June 29.

The Festival Lounge, located at the Little Theater, will be open for the Meet & Greet, break times between film blocks, and for the after-party. Drinks, snacks and food will be available there for Festival Pass holders.

Film Block #1 — Starts at 1PM (83 minutes)


Animation (1:58)
Director: Rika Nakayama
Out of Bounds

Description: A little boy takes a bath with his father. As he plays around in the bathroom, he breaks his milk tooth. He keeps touching it with his tongue, and accidentally swallows it. His father brings him back from the shock. The boy sneezes out his milk tooth, but never notices. This is a film based on my childhood memory of losing my milk teeth, and not remembering where they have gone. As we grow up, we forget the existence of our childhood teeth.

Talk to the Hands (A Prologue)

Narrative (10:00)
Director: Katia Belas
Out of Bounds

Description: When Annie falls in love, at the first sight, with AJ at a local cafe, she wasn’t expecting the whole new culture and adventure that would come with it. Annie finds out soon enough that AJ is a very attractive gentleman that happens to be…Deaf.


Narrative (20:50)
Director: Rick Rocha

Out of Bounds

Description: An esoteric “day” in the life of Victor Jones. A voyeuristic look at a young man, wavering between his unconscious mind and his conscious life. All for the sake of the theater, and love. A character study with themes of isolation, illusion of self, reality, and fantasy…

The Swallow

Narrative (9:37)
Director: Elizabeth Findley

In Competition

Description: Mary and Frances are left alone for a short time in a small cottage. When Mary keeps seeing swallows everywhere after she killed one by mistake, she is convinced they are cursed.

The Wishing Bird

Experimental (1:10)
Director: The Space Alien

Not in Competition

Description: Oddly friendly–even warm, this transmission from The Space Alien is from a short, and hopefully continuing, series of poetry recitations. Perhaps The Space Alien is endeavoring to connect with us through a non-threatening and familiar art form.

The Plat-Eye

Animation (11:00)
Director: Ron Ford

In Competition

Description: Tommy, a slave in Arkansas near the end of the Civil War, conspires to steal the master’s buried gold and buy his freedom, but to get the gold he must face the Plat-Eye, the resurrected corpse of a murdered slave who serves the master even in death.

The Door

Narrative (7:15)
Director: Christian Stark

In Competition

Description: After losing his wife, a grief-stricken man must work through his loss in order to move on with his life.

Picture Jasper

Documentary (20:49)
Director: H. Nelson Tracey

In Competition

Description: On the border of Oregon and Idaho, Steve Schultz, a lifelong man of the American West, mines for Picture Jasper, a rare form of rock that produces spectacular finished jewelry products. Through booms and busts, he works to find these natural treasures.

Film Block #2 — Starts at 4PM (79 minutes)


Animation (5:10)
Director: Ronnie Cramer

Out of Bounds

Description: Five hundred years of world art in five minutes, featuring three dozen iconic works rendered with nylon-tip pen and animated old school style. Each painting is onscreen for three seconds; the transitions between them also last three seconds each. Made up of 2,500 individual drawings, with a musical soundtrack created by the artist.

No Pain No Gain: Opioids in Ohio

Documentary (6:33)
Director: Joel Helmick

Out of Bounds

Description: No Pain No Gain tells the story of those affected by the opioid epidemic in Ohio.


Narrative (26:00)
Director: Dave Kotlan

In Competition

Description: The dark comedy “TOAST” answers the question, “What would really happen if you were stuck living for eternity with the same people, and same problems, until the end of time?” TOAST is the show about vampires, for people who hate shows about vampires.


Animation (7:04)
Director: Barbara Meier

Out of Bounds

Description: A toymaker’s five-year-old daughter sees a carnival in a picture book and wants to go. The toymaker can’t take her, so instead starts building a miniature, detailed recreation of the picture book scenes.

Terror Reading

Horror/Comedy (4:21)
Director: Jesse James Hennessy

In Competition

Description: A couple of rad dudes visit a psychic for a TERROR-ific reading! AWARD WINNER of BEST ACTING ENSEMBLE and BEST VISUAL EFFECTS! Made for the 2018 100 Hour Film Race.

Yesterday’s Today

Experimental (2:18)
Director: The Space Alien

Not in Competition

Description: Although it’s difficult to parse The Space Alien’s exact meaning, this could be some kind of allegory meant to impart the alien’s wisdom to us. One interpretation could be believing the story of the Green Wolpie as a metaphor for our own existential human crisis.


Narrative (15:56)
Director: Brady Findell

Out of Bounds

Description: A young teen receives her first smartphone and leaves childhood behind.

Swept Away

Narrative (11:58)
Director: Sheri Davenport

Out of Bounds

Description: Sometimes breaking up is the only way to break out. On its surface, that’s what Swept Away is about. The moment of truth in a relationship when it either becomes something more, or is over.

Film Block #3 — Starts at 7PM (82 minutes)

The Stage

Narrative (7:10)
Director: Ron Ford

In Competition

Description: A caring young woman uses jigsaw puzzles to engage the mind of her Grandfather, who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Where Did They Come From

Experimental (1:58)
Director: Rob Kincaid

Not in Competition

Description: Hanging Dolls
And as the song asks, indeed, “Why don’t they sit in a chair?”

Proof of Life

Documentary (20:35)
Director: Adam Harum

In Competition

Description: Three days before Brad Thiessen was to enter his first 50k trail run, he instead found himself being wheeled into the operating room to have a brain tumor removed. What was supposed to be a six-week recovery turned into an 18-month study in how things can go sideways.

The Package

Narrative (6:40)
Director: Dave Kotlan

In Competition

Description: A man must risk life and limb to deliver a sensitive package.

Recommended for You

Narrative (5:05)
Director: Andrew Garcia

In Competition

Description: An online store’s “Recommended for you” section becomes prophetic.

The Call

Experimental (2:42)
Director: The Space Alien

Not in Competition

Description: Here The Space Alien enacts a theatrical scene. While the supposed meaning of The Space Alien’s transmissions is always elusive, this may be some sort of morality play. Maybe references to typical human elements like ‘the President,’ ‘mother,’ and ‘marijuana’ are an attempt to bring the level of discourse down to our level.


Narrative (10:32)
Director: Krista Creighton

In Competition

Description: To reclaim her story, an abuse survivor confronts her past by staying overnight in her family’s Gothic manor.

One Foggy Night, No One Saw How Morning Came

Animation (2:00)
Director: Rika Nakayama

Out of Bounds

Description: When the entire town goes to sleep after midnight, little night spirits gather in the sky to prepare next morning. Story of spirits, the moon and the sun.

Tiny Armor

Narrative (5:54)
Director: Trevor Sullivan

In Competition

Description: Love can tear through any armor.

In the House of Paper Flowers

Animation (7:30)
Director: Anita George

Out of Bounds

Description: In a house covered with papery flowers, a woman with white hair, two cats and a tiny wolf songstress learns a valuable lesson about the enduring power of love.


Experimental (3:07)
Directors: Aric Spence & Robert Lindner
Not in Competition

Description: Sometimes parallel realities intertwine and we find ourselves stuck somewhere in-between the possibilities that lay before us.

Vers La Lune

Narrative (9:04)
Director: Christian Stark

In Competition

Description: When a man finds out his wife is sick, he freezes time in order to try and find a cure.

In Competition: Within 400-mile radius
Out of Bounds: Outside of 400-mile radius
Not in Competition: By filmmaker request